The chalice of Nadiya Savchenko is constantly fuller

Надія Савченко

10 February 2015

Myroslav Marynovych

None of us know how God chooses people to realize His plan in the world. It is a mystery that has no rational earthly explanations. However, it is likely that the introductory tests for such a chosen one is a readiness for great suffering. Moreover, it is not only to endure, but to give it great meaning — so that as a result of it, there would begin to vibrate the hearts of millions.

Nadiya Savchenko is such a choice and she endures her test with great dignity. Less convincingly can one confirm this about those “millions,” whose hearts should already vibrate in a clear rhythm of solidarity with her. For Nadiya has been sent to us in order that on the basis of her heroism it would be shameful to elude army service or in other ways to hide behind a mother’s skirt. On the basis of her indestructibility, our quick compromises with evil, should look reprehensible.

Yes, I know, that in these same minutes, when in the east, one more torn into pieces body is cooling, while Nadiya refuses another plate of prison grub balanda, somewhere, very nearby, some moral mongrel reaches out his hand for the criminal bribe or sets a mine for a well paid provocation. All this truly exists. Unfortunately, our battle with the holy and devlish in a person has not ended.

But the sense of the daily sacrifice of Nadiya, lies in that there comes a moment — and in her stature, almost as in a mirror, that same mongrel sees his baseness. And blessed is the one, in whom there vibrates the saving conscience!

In my prison fate, only once did I hold a hunger strike of protest for only 20 days — a child’s term in comparison with Nadiya’s 56 days (as of February 9th). Also the circumstances of Brezhnev’s and Putin’s casemates are different. However, I can assume, that by now Nadiya has already crossed the psychological threshold which is installed by the instinct of self-preservation.

And Nadiya has already crossed this boundary, about which she herself told journalists: “In Ukraine, slaves are not born. I will go to the end.” This, of course, does not mean that her body has ceased to demand its own, and not eating has become easy. This suffering woman, as all other hunger-strikers, still has dreams and appearances of bread — she can smell it and this aroma dizzies her head. And her heart rebells, at points increasing its arythmetic beat, at points freezing in pauses, from which one gets nauseated.

However, if Nadiya would right now read all that was written by Yevhen Sverstiuk, she would necessarily completely rouse herself from his striking “And I should not feel well. I should be feeling the worst — that is the measurement of my soul. It needs a full chalice. Here, there is sense…”

Thus, my question to all of us: do we perceive this sense and how do we live with it? What has each one of us done personally, so that in the name of Nadiya Savchenko, human hearts would vibrate? I know that the heart of one inflated dwarf will never rouse itself, and therefore to free Nadiya from his claws will not be easy. He thinks that the more that this heroic woman suffers, the more ready people will be to bow before his “kingly” power. And he truly has a certain power: one has to be surprised that psychologically he withstands such a number of people’s curses!

However, remember that dictators are more afraid than we: this became clear to all the political prisoners during the dissident movement. And the power of today’s dwarf is not kingly — it is satanical. Kingly is the power of Nadiya Savchenko, and therefore it is her name that is on the banners of our struggle. Let us pray for her and God will hear our prayer. Let us knock on all possible doors and if there will be millions of us — no doors will hold up. Let us strenghten our will and firmness: this is precisely what the unsubdued Kremlin prisoner, Nadiya, expects from us.


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