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Соломадин Игорь30.07.2015

Igor Solomadin

“We had no idea how people live in China,” – confessed to me one of the participants of the left movement in Europe, which came out to protest against capitalism under the Maoist slogans in the late 1960s.

Maoism was then fashionable among the young and not so young (e.g., French philosopher Sartre) European intellectuals. At one time these people had done a lot to change Europe and the Western world in general for better with their passionate and relentless critique of capitalism.

Since then, it took more than 40 years. Some of the former rebels became quite respectable bourgeois, some of them even sit in the European Parliament, while others radically revised their youthful ideological views and became a deep and intelligent critic of communism in all its manifestations. Many today still are very skeptical of their governments, of the policies of the West, which, of course, it is normal and understandable.

But when one of these nice, friendly and humane Europeans asked me recently:
– You know, I cannot determine who the big imperialist: the United States, or Russia, or Germany … – I have a question. And it’s this:
– Do you understand, guys, that after your fair criticism your own countries got a chance to become at least a little better? And while you’re thinking about who is more imperialist, in the East of Europe people coming to the protests are simply killed (e.g., “Heavenly Hundred” in Ukraine in the early 2014), leaders of the opposition are physically eliminated (e.g., Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov in 2015), or are intimidated by arrests and actually arrested for the slightest attempt to publicly express their disagreement ?
You think “geopolitically” – Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Greece … – let’s see that the Americans and the European Union do! You – the global humanists – and still experiencing the pain of the genocide of Indians in America. You do not even mind the fact that Hitler also criticized the United States for “imperialism”, and Stalin did the same thing. But when “the fan hit the shit”, Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill – irreconcilable ideological opponents, somehow suddenly realized, with whom we should fight first. Yes, it was a bit too late, but they still united in the anti-Hitler coalition.

My left Western friends, unlike yours, global, my “geopolitics” is much local – more than 7 thousand Ukrainians were murdered, more than a million have fled their homes to escape the shelling, looting, lawlessness.

And for me, as for many of my compatriots, the answer to the question about who is the “main imperialist” has long been clear. It is also clear for me that you, my friends, after having criticized once again America, capitalism and their governments, sighed about the plight of Indians in America and suffering Guantanamo detainees will continue to reflect in your cozy cafes of Hamburg, Berlin, Paris, London and Milan. .. of who “the chief” in this vile shop of imperialism, as if there was no understanding of the historical experience of the Chief of Evil and associations in the fight against it. Well, yes, you are “objective humanists” indeed …

And in my country, in the case of a full-scale invasion of the Horde [of the Putin Imperial Russia], to the seven thousand dead, will add tens or hundreds of thousands of dead, maimed, arrested and tortured in the basement of torture people. And then you just will not be able to sit quietly, and see for yourself who is the “main imperialist.” Only the price for a later understanding too high, and pay it until you do not …

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