Anders Åslund


Anders Åslund (born 1952) is a Swedish economist with a particular interest in economic transition from centrally planned to market economies. Åslund served as an economic adviser to the governments of Kyrgyzstan, Russia, and Ukraine and from 2003 was director of the Russian and Eurasian Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Åslund was an advocate of early, comprehensive, and radical economic reforms in Russia and Eastern Europe. Åslund has been a senior fellow at the Washington-based Peterson Institute for International Economics since 2006. As David Frum put it, “Anders Aslund at the Peterson Institute is one of the world’s leading experts on the collapse of the planned Soviet economy.”

Åslund is known for making bold predictions that initially arouse controversy but a few years later become conventional wisdom. In his book Gorbachev’s Struggle for Economic Reform (Cornell University Press, 1989), Åslund suggested that the most probable scenario for the Soviet Union was a “radicalized economic reform with far-reaching democratization”.[4] In 1989, he predicted the demise of one communist regime after the other.


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