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European Forum is an international association created by the group of Ukrainian and French academics and public activists. In France European Forum (Forum européen pour l’Ukraine) is registered as non-profit organization. In Ukraine the interests of European Forum are represented by research and publishing association “Spirit and Letter”.

European Forum is presided by Philippe de Suremain, former ambassador of France in Ukraine. Constantin Sigov (director of RPA Spirit and Letter) is its vice president and Galia Ackerman (Paris) its general secretary. Among the members of European Forum are Adriano Dell’Asta, Alain Besançon, Michel Eltchaninoff, Leonid Finberg, Antoine Garapon, André Glucksmann, Philippe de Lara, Bernard-Henri Lévy, Mario Mauro, Marie Mendras, Adam Michnik, Oleksiy Panych, Pierre Rigoulot, Karl Schlögel, Timothy Snyder, Françoise Thom, Leon Wieseltier, Yosyf Zisels.

The purpose of European Forum is to foster the multilateral dialogue of Ukrainian intellectuals and civil activists with their colleagues from Western, Central and Eastern Europe about European values and European perspective of Ukraine.



National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”

Paris magazine and portal “The Rules of the Game” (La Regle du Jeu).

Embassies of Western countries in Ukraine (USA, France, Italy, Sweden, etc.)


Main activities

1. Visits

European Forum organizes a series of visits of renowned Western intellectuals and academics to Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities (particularly Odesa and Kharkiv), as well as visits of Ukrainian academics and community leaders to Western European countries (France, Italy, Spain, etc.).

2. Website

Multilingual website www.evroforum.com offers to Ukrainian and foreign audience a number of analytical materials on European values, current political situation in Europe, and European perspective of Ukraine. Currently this is the only Ukrainian portal that publishes original and translated materials in several European languages for deeper mutual understanding of intellectuals and civil activists from Ukraine and other European and world countries.

3. Publications

A series of books by the leading thinkers of today will be published under the aegis of European Forum. The first in the series will be Timothy Snyder’s book “Ukrainian history, Russian politics, European future”.

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